Ecotrust Forests

Forest Foods and Personal Products from the Rainforests of Home

Prior to western settlement, the lush forests of the Pacific Northwest sustained an unusually large population and density of people primarily engaged in hunting and gathering. The role of Pacific salmon, returning in the millions to natal streams to spawn and die, as a highly nutritious and reliable food source, is legendary. Less well known but also highly significant is the role of forest plants and tree foliage and bark for food, medicine, clothing and shelter. From cedar bark for clothing, to bear grass for basketry, to spruce resin for medicine, to conifer needles for essential oils, to huckleberries and salal for food, the forest canopy and understory provides a productive and diverse pantry and medicine cabinet.

Canopy and Understory was established as an initiative by EFM in 2014 to promote working forests managed for the full array of forest products and services including high-quality timber for homebuilding, cold, clean water for people and salmon, carbon storage, jobs for local people, recreation, hunting and foraging, habitat, and delicious forest-to-table foods.

Our Salal Berry fruit spread is currently available in New Seasons stores. The iconic Salal plant grows deep in the understory of native forests in the Pacific Northwest and is known both for its nutrient rich berries as well as its beautiful green foliage. An important source of food for Native Americans, these salal products are rich in flavor and antioxidants.

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