Ecotrust Forests

Project Spotlight: Desolation Spring Development
Desolation Creek, an EFM-managed property in eastern Oregon, has over 40 freshwater springs and wet meadows. While relatively rare, these areas are of disproportionate value because of their water retention capacity and utilization by wildlife (like sandhill cranes) and livestock. With the assistance of public funding and local partners, EFM has begun a significant restoration effort to protect these springs and meadows. To date, 13 springs have been protected by fencing and new water troughs have been created to provide water access for livestock.


Key Objectives

Build Long-Term Value

Our modeling indicates that ecological forestry produces higher-quality wood over time than the industrial approach, and builds a more valuable and diverse standing forest. It enhances the opportunity to capture non-timber values such as conservation easements, conservation land sales, and commercial forest carbon.

Enhance Forest Health

Ecological forestry lengthens rotations, relies on commercial thinning and small patch cuts rather than clear cuts, and improves species and structural diversity.

Improve Social Returns

Ecological forestry generates a more reliable and consistent flow of wood, and presents more jobs and opportunities for rural communities.

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